The winery was built in an old barn used in the past as a cattle shed. The reconstruction and transformation of the house were made with the utmost respect for the original structure: thick stonewalls, chestnut wooden ceilings and slate floors. This is the perfect place for the production of excellent wines, with the average temperature below 20ºC and a continuous optimum level of humidity.

The huge French oak casks were made to order for this particular cellar by the famous French coopers Seguin Moreau: they are used for the fermentation, just as they are by the great Chateaux of the World. During the (delete grape) harvest, each variety is picked in small quantities. The grapes are not crushed but gravity takes over. This method requires hard and skilful manual work.

Seguin Moreau & Reynolds Wine Growers

The renowned tonnellerie Seguin Moreau produce the casks and barrels in a close collaboration with the winery, providing Reynolds Wine Growers with unique products.

As seen on the Seguin Moreau label, the casks were produced specially for The “Figueira de Cima” Reynolds winery.