Tasting notes

A full-bodied wine with a deep pomegranate color and an outstanding bouquet combining aromas of berry fruits with delicate floral scents. It is an elegant, fruity and easy wine to drink.



We recommend to consume it with the everyday meal at home. It is a natural and healthy product that should be drunk in moderation as part of our diet. It ages well but then it should be decanted as all its older Reynolds siblings. To be served at a temperature of 16 /18 ºC


  • Alicante Bouschet 40%
  • Trincadeira 40%
  • Syrah 20%

Viticulture and Enology

The grapes, cultivated with great care and strict control to reduce production to 4.000kg/ha, were harvested at night in separated lots by varieties and taken to the winery, selected, clean and separated from the stems. The berries were poured, whole without pressing, into Seguin Moreau French oak vats for fermentation with temperature control. After a long fermentation period, the wines are blended and stay in the wooden vats for one year (from harvest to harvest). Then it is bottled at the state and taken to the cellar to age for another year before it is sold.

The bottling has been preceded by an infiltration by territories of middle porosity and the bottles have aged at least one year before being commercialized.

Months in Seguin Moreau Oak Vasts

Years Aged in bottle

Good wines improve with time

We believe in the old way of producing wines, we trust our wines enough to age them up to 10 years in bottle. Keeping them in our cellar for such  a long time.