Tasting notes

This wine is marked by the singularity of a rare Arinto variety grown in the height of S. Mamede hills. It is extremely aromatic and balsamic and boasts a very fresh citrus flavour with an intense taste that lingers in the mouth for a very long time.



Ideal served with shellfish and grilled blue fish and it is a very refreshing wine on its own, for the summer. Its powerful aroma even permits to have it “on the rocks” as an aperitif.

  • Arinto 100%

Viticulture and Enology

The grapes are harvested early in the morning, selected and separated from the stem after which they are softy and slowly crushed in a pneumatic press. The juice is filtered statically and left for a period of 48 hours at a low temperature to allow the sediment to settle.

The grapes fermented in the stainless steel vats for a period of 30 days at 12oC. The wine is transferred to another vat for filtering at 8aC before it is bottled and taken to the cellar to stay for 6 months before it is released.

Days fermented in the stainless steel vats at 12ºC