Tasting notes

Color: citric, slightly auburn Aroma: Tropical with notes of pineapple. Taste: Round, full of fresh fruit, elegant and persistent.



Ideal for shellfish and grilled blue fish and a very refreshing wine on its own, for the summer. Its powerful aroma even permits to have it “on the rock” as an appetitive.

  • Arinto 100% 100%

Viticulture and Enology

Main focus on grape quality. Integrated production with several selective thinning to reduce yield up to 4,000kg / ha. Manual harvesting.

Pressing of the berries, cleaned and separated castes, followed by the decanting of the must. Fermentation with own yeasts and temperature controlled for a long period. Minimum application of sulfites. Bottling and stage of wine in the bottle in the state.

Days fermented in the stainless steel vats at 12ºC